5 Android Studio plugins every Android developer should use

Google introduced Android Studio more than 2 years ago. Since then it became the main IDE for Android development. There are many plugins for it these days and here is a list of 5 plugins I could not live without.

1. Android ButterKnife Zelezny

If you are using ButterKnife you know how frustrating it is to write @Bind for all views in a layout. Android ButterKnife Zelezny generates all those bindings for you. It can also generate a ViewHolder and OnClick methods which saves you a huge amount of time.

Butterknife Zelezny AS plugin

2. Android Parcelable code generator

Writing a parcelable implementation is time-consuming and boring. Not to mention that with each model update you have to update the implementation. This plugin will generate all boilerplate code for you. And if you update your model, use it again to generate a new implementation.

Parcelable Generator AS plugin

3. ADB Idea

There are times when you have to clear application data or uninstall it from the device. The easiest way to do it is by using adb in a terminal. But, instead of opening a terminal and writing these commands, with ADB Idea plugin you can do it from Android Studio.

Adb idea AS plugin

4. Android Methods Count

There is a lot of debate about Android dex limit and how you should handle it. If you want to keep track of methods count in your application this plugin is a great solution.

Methods count AS plugin

5. Android Drawable Importer

Importing drawable resources is a boring process. Android Drawable Importer plugin makes it faster. It also gives you some extra options, like importing icon packs.

Android drawable importer AS plugin

What is your favorite AS plugin?

These plugins save me a lot of time and I could not imagine Android development without them. What plugins for Android Studio do you use? If you know any cool and useful plugin write it down in the comments section.